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  Tuesday 9th 2016 February 2016

Passphrase Strength Analyser


  • Passphrases analysed using this Java Applet never leave your computer.
  • A dictionary of all words in the English language is used to analyse your passphrase for weakness.
  • This tool quotes an estimate on the number of days such a password is safe for.

Please Note

  • A typical home computer can attempt over 400,000 passwords per second.
  • A typical hacker will use many computers to gain access to your files, servers and email accounts.
  • For user-friendly reasons, this tool currently only checks English words. An attacker would try many more languages with little to no effort.
  • Contact us if you would like to purchase this tool.


CertainKey recommends the following to create a strong passphrase. Your passphrase should:
  • not be based on an English word,
  • contain at least 3 lower-case letters,
  • contain at least 3 upper-case letters,
  • contain at least 2 decimal digits,
  • be at least 8 characters in length, and
  • be sufficiently random (ie. a Binary Signal Entropy greater than 3)


Meeting these conditions will dramatically increase the time required for a hacker to guess your password.

The passphrase "runspotrun" does not meet these conditions. A computer would crack it in less than 1 day. The passphrase "Yg0rH8oK" does meet all the conditions mentioned above and would require over 500 days to crack!

Ordering Information

This tool is available off-line for use behind high-security networks.

Organizations wishing to re-brand this tool in their name should contact CertainKey sales.

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The Tool

Passphrase cannot be based on an English word
Lower-case Letters
Upper-case Letters
Decimal Digits
Other Characters
Total Characters
Entropy (in bits)
Days to Crack Passphrase

Ordering Information

Organizations wishing to re-brand this tool in their name should contact CertainKey sales.

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